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One on One Coaching with
Peter Bland
This is by application only. Only apply if you are willing to completely transform your life and take action on each of the lessons as laid out in the Lucky Life Formula. This is a full immersion program with  face to face or skype to skype meeting every 2 weeks over a 4 month period.

The Lucky Life Formula is used as the back bone of the on one on one coaching and additional material will be added or direction taken depending on the particular interest and desire of the client.
Expedition Leader  Boot camp
1.) Before we can lead others we must first
2.) Lead ourselves before we can lead ourselves we must first
3.) Know Ourselves

Our Expedition boot camp is not for the faint hearted. That is not to say you can't have fear. Have fears bring them with you and also bring with you a desire to do what ever it takes to be free of your FEARS FOREVER so that you can be present and of service to others.
If you apply, are accepted and pass our Expedition Leader Boot Camp you may be invited to Lead on one of Peter's forth coming Experiential Education Expeditions

Expedition Antarctica
Antarctica is like no other place on earth. Once you have visited her pristine shores, life will never be the same. We don't do Antarctica like anybody else. Peter has been leading expeditions there for 15 years and we have permits that can allow us to run our special mentoring leadership program whilst Ice Climbing, Kayaking and camping in remote regions of the Antarctic Peninsula.
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Expedition Gift Pack
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Horsemanship Camp
Small group horse camps in the Central Victoria. This is not a trail ride with an overnight camp.

This is a horsemanship full immersion program. Be prepared to shoe horses, break in yearlings, roll up a swag,  cook on an open fire in the bush and learn and apply leadership skills at a level you had never considered.

This camp is not for the weak and soft and it is not for the tough. It is for the open minded, compassion leader willing to be at one with nature and these magnificent creatures.
Lucky Life Formula Advanced
The Advanced Lucky Life Formula deepens the lessons learnt in the first program and expands to include:


Building a detail plan of action
Making time and money work for you
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